Our Partner: Kids Concepts

Kids Concept is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, internationally acclaimed organization in the arena of "Kids Skill Development Programs" with rich experience in conducting conceptual programs and teaching children between the ages 4 and 16 years.

Kids Concept courses are run in 200+ centres across 10 states of India and the company is now planning to spread worldwide with the recent launch of its programs in Melbourne, Australia, and Dubai, and, Sharjah.

Kidopia Venture's "SHAPE" Program

  • Kids Concepts has customized the Handwriting and Abacus programs for schools so that children can benefit from these programs while at school, along with their curriculum.
  • School needs to allot 1 to 2 periods per week during the class timings itself, based on the courses planned.
  • The local Franchise partner of Kids Concepts shall conduct the committed programs and will be responsible to complete the same at any particular school.
  • School programs have to be taken up for complete class strength, for the allocated or chosen classes.
  • School has to allocate at last 1 period per week per program, within the weekly time-table planned.
  • Students get Kit material before the training program starts. After the completion and test, they are also given certificates. They may also be selected to participate even in district level, state level or national level competitions conducted from time to time.
  • Kit material for School programs:
    Abacus Kit: Joggers Abacus A & B - 2 Books, 1 Abacus Instrument, 1 Certificate.
    Handwriting Kit: Write Foundations - 1 Book, 1 Certificate.

Our Courses


Millions of children across the World have benefited from using Abacus to improve their speed of calculation, focus, memory, concentration and more, helping them not just to love Maths but to excel in various fields by learning to use this ancient tool from China.

Rubiks Cube

Since 1974, this mind-challenging Rubik’s cube or Magic cube has caught the attention of every puzzle game lover across the World. Kids Concepts teaches children to learn 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 cubes helping them in improving their problem solving ability, concentration, cognitive skills and more.


4 out of 5 children lose marks due to bad and illegible handwriting, despite being intelligent. Kids Concepts helps you to be that 5th child, who can write neatly and legibly to create that impact & carry the impression across.


The ability to write artistically is being taught in the Calligraphy classes conducted by Kids Concepts. Many children love this art of fancy lettering and use them in project works, greetings cards and other art creations. It is a nice skill also taken up as a hobby.

Vedic Maths

An ancient system of calculations rediscovered from the Indian Veda scriptures, helps solve huge sums with ease by using certain formulas in the form of sutras. It helps children in high speed mental math calculations. It helps them in speedy calculations especially in competitive exams.

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